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    Ad Error Beacons with SSAI

    In this topic, you will learn about the VAST ad error events that are beaconed when using Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI).


    With SSAI, ads are stitched into your content stream on the server side. Beaconing of VAST ad error events is provided when using VOD + SSAI.

    Ad error events provide insight to your ad workflows, allowing you to proactively resolve issues. Ensuring that your ads are delivered will help to maximize ad revenue.

    Ad Error Beacons

    The following table defines ad error events beaconed through SSAI, as defined in VAST 3.0/4.0 specifications.

    Error code Type Description
    100 ErrorCodeXMLParse

    XML parsing error

    • Error on XSLT transform
    • Response was empty
    200 ErrorCodeTrafficking

    Trafficking error. Video player received an ad type that it was not expecting and/or cannot display.

    • Valid Ad response returned, but no linear ads were found
    • A non-progressive ad format was returned
      • VPAID swf (when not expected as a pass-through)
      • Invalid video Mime Type
    301 ErrorCodeWrapperRequest

    Timeout of VAST URI provided in Wrapper element, or of VAST URI provided in a subsequent Wrapper element. Includes request errors such as invalid URI, unreachable or request timeout for URI, and security or other exceptions related to requesting a VAST URI.

    • Wrapper URI unavailable - 4xx, 5xx
    • Wrapper did not respond within the set timeout threshold
    302 ErrorCodeWrapperLimit

    Wrapper limit reached, as defined by the video player. Too many Wrapper responses have been received with no InLine response.

    • Exceeded the wrapper follow-through limit
    303 ErrorCodeWrapperNoAds

    No ads VAST response after one or more Wrappers. Also includes number of empty VAST responses from fallback.

    • No linear (progressive) ad response received through wrapper requests
    • Wrapper response was empty
    406 ErrorCodeMissingMezz

    Mezzanine was required but not provided. Ad not served.

    • Strict implementations of VAST 4.0 and requiring Mezz ads to be returned. Could be viable for OTT devices to ensure quality.
    • VAST 4 specific
    407 ErrorCodeProcessingMezz

    Mezzanine was downloaded for the first time. Ad not served.

    • Anytime a valid creative was received, but removed due to processing this event should be fired.
    • VAST 4 specific
    900 ErrorCodeUndefined

    Undefined error

    • Generalized error occurred and not well defined by other errors

    Page last updated on 28 Sep 2020